December 5, 2007

A Quick How-To on Posting Comments

First the sermon on "why":

The GBW Northwest is very much a work in progress, and like any sprawling social endeavor (junior high school dances come to mind) there is bound to be a little awkwardness at first about what one does, why should one bother, and who might be watching. Though the interactive aspect of a blog format may be new to many of you, I encourage you to try it out. Comments are an easy way to encourage other members who have taken time to write an article or share their work with the group. (They're out there on the dance floor! Be nice to them!) If what you see raises questions, sparks ideas, reminds you of something, or just delights you, let them know. They'll be happy to hear from you. We'll be interested in what you have to say. And your participation will make the communication even easier next time, both for you and for everyone else.

Now here's the promised "how-to":

To read or post comments, just click on "COMMENTS" at the bottom of each section to view the pop-up window. To add a comment, type or paste your comment in the box. Underneath it will tell you "Choose an identity." Always good advice! You just need to sign your comment with your full name. You can do this by selecting "Other." Or, if you are signed on to a Google/Blogger account already, you might need to select "Nickname" to use your full name. Then press "Publish Your Comment." Since comment moderation is in place, your comment will not appear immediately, but you will get a reassuring message that it's been received.

Please don't try to publish an anonymous comment. As comment moderator, my role is a little like the chaperone of a school dance, who is there in the unlikely event that unruly hooligans try to crash the party. (And no, I won't be policing the girls' room! Enough of this confounded metaphor!)

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