December 5, 2007

For Those with Older Computers. . .

Here’s a question for you: IS WHAT I SEE WHAT YOU GET? I received a very polite e-mail from a member who had viewed the Proto-Newsletter on an old Macintosh, suggesting that if all the newsletter text was going to be grey-on-cream, perhaps I should at least refrain from capitalizing everything, as it was quite hard to read. Apparently, some older Macs running OS 9 may not recognize the Blogger formatting codes properly. I’m hoping this affects very very few of you! To confirm: this section should have a large orange headline. The text should be black with both upper and lower case. I am not trying to conduct experiments in optical torture. In all likelihood this isn't going to be an issue at all for the vast majority of you. But if your computer is having formatting problems, please let me know.

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