December 5, 2007

NW Book Arts List

I’m guessing most of you already know about and subscribe to the NW Book Arts List, but I find it such a handy source of information that I will mention it here. It’s an e-mail listserv set up in Yahoo Groups, and you will have to register with a Yahoo ID first if you don’t already have one, but it's a pretty painless process.

Much of the info I'm posting here on upcoming events has arrived at my desk via this list: I've just fished it out of the stream and maybe tidied it up a bit. I find there's plenty of inadvertent crosstalk and posts I'm not interested in, but not so many it gets annoying. It's fun and often very useful to have a window into what's going on, to know what workshops are happening in British Columbia, who's getting rid of an old press, etc.

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