December 5, 2007

GBW Northwest Plows Boldly Ahead with Blog Format

I received a number of thoughtful and supportive comments in response to issues raised in the Proto-Newsletter about the public nature of an online publication. Not a single person expressed concern about people outside the GBW having access to the newsletter. Several mentioned the advantages of a public format which could attract readers and potential members. So I will go ahead and get links added to the GBW Northwest newsletter from the national GBW website as well as from our Northwest Chapter website (which is also due for a few other updates).

Comments will be open to all GBW members regardless of chapter affiliation. Again, I didn’t get any feedback at all that recommended jealously guarding this as a Northwest Chapter member privilege. One or two suggested it would be nice to have an additional perk beside the newsletter which was received by chapter members only. I like this idea too, if someone else wants to run with it.

In celebration of the power of the written word to provoke, energize and sustain, I'll close this post with an image of one of Workshop Coordinator Shu-Ju Wang's more offbeat creations:

Puff pastries gocco-printed with a mixture of hershey syrup and sour cream, ready to be served with lemon curd. Text: Question? Pause, Full stop. Bang! and #!@!%)!! (or something similar).

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