August 16, 2012

Minutes from the July 20 Chapter Meeting

GBW NW Chapter Chair Paula Jull made the trek from Pocatello to Portland for a chapter meeting, held at 23 Sandy Gallery on July 20. Also in attendance were Laura Russell, Shu-Ju Wang, and Susan Collard from Portland, while Elizabeth Uhlig made the trip up from Eugene.

On the agenda:

Horizon Exhibit: A Northwest venue for the Horizon show has not been confirmed, but Paula is still hoping to help make this happen. Any library or museum hosting the show has to pay approximately $2000 to cover insurance and shipping costs to the next venue. This is a serious obstacle for many institutions, and is one reason the full schedule for the show is yet to be announced. Those in attendance all felt that having the exhibition in the Northwest would be very desirable, especially for members who will not be able to see it in Salt Lake City or other sites. We authorized Paula to spend some of the available funds in the chapter treasury to help offset costs for an appropriate institution to host the show. If this goes forward, we would schedule guild events in connection with the exhibition.

Upcoming Workshop: Elizabeth Uhlig has some excellent ideas about a GBW-sponsored workshop she has volunteered to organize in Eugene. Please stay tuned for more details! Recent workshops organized by Shu-Ju Wang and Marilyn Mohr have all been successful financially, and also well-received by participants.

Upcoming Juried Chapter Show: Laura Russell expressed interest in hosting a GBW NW chapter show at 23 Sandy Gallery in 2013. Unlike last year's show which traveled to Salt Lake City and Pocatello, this would be juried by an established book arts professional based outside the region. Ideally, the show would be tied to another event to help generate interest and publicity.

Student Memberships: Paula reminded us that student memberships to the Guild of Book Workers are available at a discount.

Jarmila Sobota Visit: See the following invitation for a special event in Portland October 16, hosted by chapter members Kim and Rosie Batcheller.  

Jarmila Sobota Visit in Portland

Kim and Rosie Batcheller, chapter members and longtime friends of Jan and Jarmila Sobota, have invited local GBW members to a special event.

 As you all probably know, Jan Sobota was awarded the annual lifetime achievement award from the GBW this year. Most unfortunately, he died just before the award was announced. His wife Jarmila will be traveling to the Standards Conference in Salt Lake City to accept the award on his behalf. Afterwards, she will be staying with Kim and Rosie for a week in Portland. As part of that visit, they are planning a PowerPoint presentation of Sobota books with Jarmila from 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The Batchellers are amateur bookbinders with a dozen or so bindings by the Sobotas in their collection. We appreciate the chance to share in Jarmila's visit and celebrate the Sobotas' marvelous work. You can view a selection of their books at the J. & J. Sobota website.

 The presentation will be held at the Mirabella apartments (3550 SW Bond Ave, in South Waterfront near the base of the tram). It will be open to Mirabella residents, with room for several GBW members also. If you are interested in attending, please contact Susan Collard at,  who will keep a list. If you go, you will receive a guest pass at the concierge desk in the lobby and be directed to the Willamette Room, where the event will be held.