December 5, 2007

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Fruma Shrensel
Seattle, Washington

be the change

Based on a quote from MK Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The book opens with a violent war-like image, and transforms into a vision of serenity, compassion and peace.

I was motivated to complete this book after becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant barrage of bad news concerning the war in Iraq, the spread of terrorism around the world, and the abundance of greed and fraud in “high places” here at home. I have turned off my radio and avoid news stories of human misery and evil. Instead of throwing up my hands in frustration and adding my grievances to the flourishing negativity, this book is an attempt to be a conduit for peace and compassion. I can think peace, speak peace and be peace, no matter how imperfectly. I have the power to change myself.

Finished size: 5.2 x 7.75”• portfolio-style cover, crafted from Canson Mi Teintes paper. • book is a flexagram, which is constructed to rotate when flexed, to reveal four individual faces.
• illustrations were created using Adobe Photoshop and printed with digital technology on an Indigo press, using acid-free, recycled, Classic Crest paper. I hope the affordable format, (retail price is $18.00), will help to spread the message in a pleasing and palatable way.

Joanne Kluba
St. Louis, Missouri

Blinded by Science

These are images of my “Blinded By Science” books, just completed this month. I have been experimenting with painting on book cloth. I made 6 copies of the book. All are original calligraphy on chiri paper with collage elements. It is a 7 folio signature in a pamphlet style binding, approximate size 8” x 8” x 1/2”.

Elsi Vassdal Ellis
EVE Press
Bellingham, Washington

Elsi Vassdal Ellis was one of twenty participants selected to participate in the Boston University School of Theology Institute for Culture,Religion and World Affairs (CURA) intensive summer seminar on religion and globalization, June 3-15, 2007. She was selected to give the Third Annual Lectureship of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 250 on October 25. Her presentation, "Crossroad: A Book Artist Turns Left on the Moral Map," focused upon her approach to creating artists' books and specifically introduced a new series of books she is currently working on examining the many definitions and interpretations of "evil." The presentation also included an exhibit of her work. She received a $5,000 Summer Research Grant from Western Washington University in support of this new work.

a test image for the "good" and "evil" of globalization using a comment made by Peter Berger, director of CURA, regarding Wal-Mart in Mexico

She also contributed a folio for the Center for Book Arts limited edition "The Vandercook Book." Title page and third page of the eight-page folio are pictured below:

Elsi's book "Icarus" was selected by Maria Pisano for an exhibit in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Special Collections, "Books and Death: Book Artists' Constructions of Death, Mourning, and Memory." The exhibit ran from September 15 to November 30, 2007. She is also currently exhibiting new work in "The Art of the Book, 2007," The Gallery, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Paula Jull
Pocatello, Idaho

A Perfect Day

In February of 2007, four friends drove to Lees Ferry, Arizona, in search of warm sun and perhaps, a sighting of California condors. They were rewarded with more than expected. The red Vermillion Cliffs and its canyons revitalized their souls after a long winter, and the condors were everywhere.

The prints in this book were inspired by that weekend, as is the text.

The prints were relief printed on linoleum blocks with stencils and multiple inkings with water-based Akua Intaglio ink. The text, set in Bernhard Modern, was printed on Somerset drawing paper with a Xerox Phaser 7760 laser printer. All other coloring is hand-applied with pigment pad pochoir and watercolor. Text and imagery by Paula Jull. Unique copy.

Work in progress

This book has a wide format to accommodate a large print. I am working on an alternative format for an editioned, laser printed version.

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