October 8, 2007


Our big right-around-the-corner event is obviously the Standards of Excellence Seminar in Dallas/Fort Worth, October 18-20. The first issue of this newsletter will be coming out mid-November, with the expectation that coverage of Standards will be the main event.

a miniature version of the "Twined Binding" structure Roberta Lavadour will be presenting at the Group Roundup

I, alas, am not going to be at Standards. We need one or more people who will be attending to commit to writing about it for the newsletter. Please let me know if you’d be willing to do so. You are welcome to cover any aspect of the event you wish, in any format you feel comfortable in. What interested you most in the presentations? How did the Group Roundup format seem to be working? Did you have a favorite heartwarming or brain-sparking moment? Are you ready to move to Dallas? Extra points for providing the most charming photos of Northwest Chapter members in attendance.

(And, if any of you go on the Fort Worth tour, I hope you enjoy the
Kimbell Art Museum, one of the most revered works of modern architecture in the country.)

I will thank you in advance for letting the rest of us know how much we missed.

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