October 8, 2007


Finally, why not celebrate we’re all up to with a gallery of images? I thought it might be fun to inaugurate this feature by sharing work in progress. Just send me a decent jpg file of something you’re currently working on, along with a couple of sentences about what it is and what stage it’s at in the photo.

Here are a few early examples. I hope to have many more to share in the November newsletter.

From Sue Allen:

Around Mount Hood: 12 Months - 12 Directions, showing the sides and seasons of Mount Hood.This little booklet in progress uses my note cards (reproduced on inkjet) of my original screenprints.I have included on the inside of each "card" the pictures, stats and stories of that trip. It is bound in book cloth sewn with 2 needles and glued top/bottom of spine and edges of front and back cover.

From Susan Collard:

I'm in the early idea phase on a book called Aquarium Ballet, with collages drawn from Volume 2 of a 1959 Encyclopedia Britannica. The format's still up in the air and nothing's been glued down.

From Roberta Lavadour:

a tantalizing glimpse of Relative Memory


SUE ALLEN said...

Thanks Sue-
Everything looks great!
Sue Allen

Shu-Ju Wang said...

Relative Memory -- looks so very intriguing, I want to know more.