March 13, 2018

Valentine Print Exchange

In retirement I seem to fall behind on my "To Do" list more so than I did when working full time. This time I am not quite a full month behind on my list, but I am cutting it close with this post.

The GBW Standards Chapter Chair Board meeting held October in Tacoma was an opportunity for chairs to share activities, and it seemed that Everyone is doing it! so I thought why don’t we? (To be honest, not everyone in the Guild of Book Workers is doing it but it was clear that this activity was encouraged as a simple way to foster activity in a chapter.) What is it? It is a print exchange.

In November 2017 an email call went out for participation in the first Valentine Print Exchange for the Northwest Chapter. Yes, it is a busy time of the year with two major holidays just around the corner from each other. But sometimes when there is much to do, a little distraction is a good thing. And as I have learned, any project even with very few rules but with a quick turnaround makes for decisive decision-making. (Sometimes when there is a great deal of time to ponder a project, making a decision is not easy! I speak from experience.)  I looked at the exchange as one way to use up some of the materials in the studio that have been calling out to be used rather than gathering dust. My Valentine’s card paper was purchased in 1995!!!

Here are the results of the Valentine Print Exchange call.

Mary Ashton

Mare Blocker

Arini Easary

Paula Jull

Kate Leonard

Marilyn Mohr

Elsi Vassdal Ellis

I am thinking a Halloween Print Exchange might be another theme for an exchange. What do you think?

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