November 24, 2009

Marking Time Exhibition in Seattle

The current GBW national exhibit Marking Time opened in Minneapolis this May, and will be touring the country for nearly two years. For those of us who have been impatiently waiting for it to arrive at our doorstep, good news: it has just finished its stay at the San Francisco Public Library, and will open at the Suzzallo/Allen Library of the University of Washington on December 7. This wide-ranging trove of talent and inspiration will be in Seattle through February 19—thence to Salt Lake City and parts beyond.

The Book Arts Guild has provided essential support in bringing the exhibition to Seattle, including co-sponsoring special events on January 21 and February 11. Many thanks to the guild and their members in their 30th anniversary year. The University of Washington and its curator of book arts and rare books, Sandra Kroupa, have also earned our gratitude for their roles in bringing Marking Time to this venue. The exhibit itself, of course, is the product of long hours and dedication by Exhibitions Chair Karen Hanmer, jurors Jeffrey Altepeter, Melissa Jay Craig and Peter Verheyen, as well as the generous support of many other members of the Guild of Book Workers.

Sandra has provided detailed information on the special events, as well as visiting hours and locations of the exhibit, which I’ve printed in the following post. If you’re not familiar with the University of Washington campus, the library website provides a map and other information. The books will be displayed in three separate locations within the Suzzallo/Allen Library. Between December 7 and Jan. 6, only two parts of the exhibition will be open. Between Jan. 6 and Feb. 19, all three parts of the exhibition will be on display. Please note that the Special Collections Lobby exhibition space has shorter hours than the Suzzallo/Allen Library as a whole, and is not open on Saturdays. You’ll therefore want to pay close attention to the hours Sandra has listed for the first part of the exhibition.

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