January 30, 2009

Beginning Leather Bookbinding


An eight-Saturday intensive workshop with Don Glaister

For centuries leather bookbindings have represented high craft and elegance - a sense of the ultimate. To the bookbinder, leather bindings have been regarded similarly, with the added awareness that the making of these bindings requires special skills and techniques. This awareness has turned some to anxiety, fear and thoughts of doom.

This class will demystify the process of making leather bindings.

Participants in this class will learn to sew and construct a laced-in board structure, prepare and apply leather, and all the steps in between. They will also learn techniques that are readily applied to forms of binding other than leather, and will help to chase away those thoughts of doom.

The class will take place at The Windowpane Press, studio of BonnieThompson Norman in Seattle, on Saturdays (10-5) from May 30 to July 25,with breaks for holiday weekends, and will be limited to seven students. Tuition for the eight- Saturday class is $675 until April 1, and $725 thereafter.The cost of materials will be added.

While binding experience will prove helpful, it is not mandatory.

To enroll, or for more information contact Don Glaister: don@foolsgoldstudio.com, or call 206.567.5480.
An example of Don Glaister's work: The Poems of W.B. Yeats, with etchings by Richard Diebenkorn, Arion Press, 1990.

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